Monday, February 19, 2018

VIDEO: 2 of 6 Attempt To Kill Me Via Government Sponsored Burglaries

In this video, I expose Benjamin Netanyahu on who he truly is and how he operates behind the scenes. This video is related to VIDEO: "1 of 6 Attempt to kill me via government sponsored burglaries" - no wonder we have school shootings all over the place and even people eating one  another with politicians like this...FOR MY STANDING UP AGAINST HIS GENOCIDE AGAINST ME !!!

The criminal in blue uniform by the name Valencic from Novo mesto's police who visited today to INTIMIDATE/INSULT/THREAT WITH DEATH VIA REPEATED FORCED HOSPITALIZATION on behalf of Slovenian president Borut Pahor, didn't have a single legal reason to stop bye as there was no court order or have had proof of any kind that would suggest on how I violated the law by demanding president Borut Pahor to be arrested(make no mistake, I want and will continue to demand for him to get arrested/grabbed and sentenced to jail for life).

My blood is on your hands Mr. Pahor

And I have to say am very proud about myself. I lived to live and not to serve what I was served to(or "with" if you like).

F*** justice(world) like this...


Police officer Valencic just stopped bye who came without any proofs(or warning in advance) or even knowledge about what I have written to parliament(and journalists) and publish on this very news site to complain to me on behalf of president Borut Pahor.

I cite, "They called us from Ljubljana because president Borut Pahor got your letter which possibly contains inappropriate content and have upset him".

Police officer  Valencic is not interested in knowing in what exactly I wrote as I was about to demonstrate him(I offered him a letter) the letter which I sent to parliament, journalists, and Borut Pahor alone, but have instead proceeded to suggest me(terrorize) possible new hospitalization. Demanded to know who my physicians were and if I eat pills...even if someone decides on my behalf(if am competent/allowed to decide on my own behalf). He also knew all about my medical history.

This is a very serious provocation and its obvious what comes next. It will be my last one...

Regarding my ex psychiatrist Prokselj Tatjanuska(Tatjana)

In 2005, the two(she and neighbor Dane Kolenc) have had sexual affair. Kolenc's wife almost got divorced from him because of cheating, but local government translated to her that she trained him mentally for this task(I guess that she is sexpert too).

Sorce: police officer(higher ranking officer) from Novo mesto unit who was incharged for this case at the time. He was about to stop the whole thing, but couldn't...

I couldn't even cheat if I wanted too

Here is what is going on
5 hours of abuse coming(all in video recordings). Nothing but documented proofs of abuse.

They destroyed me eveything

They have modified me even micro SD cards to work at 1/4(not even 25% = same cards and I know so as I just got another new card) of normal transfer speed(movies recorded are not readable and so on).

I consider this to be series of assaults on me and not burglaries. Microscope arrived today which also was more than obviously modified...several hundred Euros of damage.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

I was stabbed in the head with electrodes without any doubt.

Butcheries are happening as I was told they would do. I was suggested(asked) under MKULTRA(Miroslav Berger) I cite, "if you would wake up in the middle of the sleep and would laugh, you would know you have brain implants right !!???"

Weber/Veber, "we can make you go eat, run on toilet whenever we want"(have experienced first time in my life unstoppable dhyeareah about two months ago and have just pisseed in pents due to uncotrolab le urge - I have never ever had any of this two in my life and I do not suffer from bladder or any diseases)...

Neighbors, "via brain implants, we can wake you up at night in case they come to pick you up...would you like us to do this...if you won't be good, we can also make you sleep and you will not even know when they pick you up"(this is how they brainwash people under MKULTRA into compliance and just two weeks ago, I had inside of the brain aching me to the point that I woke up from firm sleep...have never happened before).

THE HAVE TAKEN ME TO NUMEROUS CLINICS THROUGHOPUT USA, SWITZERLAND, ISRAEL, GERMANY, GREAT BRITAIN, AND BELARUS(not only Slovenia which used American technology which they have obtained through to me)....


Have suggested me(terrorized me ongoingly and have even written on psychiatric paper how I mentioned to have brain implants) as one of the reasons per why I was hospitalized, but have never given me the opportunity to scan my head under my conditions. 

You think it is okay for them to do stuff like this !!???? Treat human beings like this !!???? I will not be silent about abuse...f*** psychiatry and scum that is using political games to get this shit going.

I go to clean(piss from my pants as I wouldn't leave room) myself now...this happened right after I completed work on holsters used to keep defense tools(just as promissed it would under MKULTRA) !!! THIS IS A DISGRACE...INHUMANE BARBARSIM IS WHAT THIS IS !!!

When subjected to MKULTRA torture, they laughed at me like mad each time I suggested them on how I will disclose them to the world(report them to courts and human rights organisations).

They didn't fear anything as there was(and still is) nothing that stopped was like a pack of mad maniacs suggesting me on what to complain about on what above answered concerns were answered to me with, "no you don't understand...there is nothing you can will disappear and everything will start over...its happening all the time and people don't know names, their age, and not even language when they wake up"...

People wake up from commas several years latter and speak other languages

This is the stuff am talking about...its a criminality without limits that main stream media knows all about, but then again nothing...they claim is mistery(SECRET). No its not...its killing of the people. Its called psychiatry(violent world of lies and dementia - world where unlimited amount of violence is introduced in individual's world without any fears for perpetrators to face legals system). THANK YOU UNITED NATIONS...ALL THIS IS HAPPENING BECAUSE OF YOU !!!

They have talked about making me disappear rather than to face legal(court) system

Came up with idea to use anywhere from doppelgangers to silicon masks and have suggested all sorts of scenarios on what will be done with me if I ever get to this stage(won't be any financial compensation for genocide via legal system, but rather death)...